Thursday, 7 May 2009

Favourite Desinations

My first CJ on UK has finally come home and its not been without drama but it ended on a high note with two of our group expecting new additions to their families in September.

My theme was Favourite Destination and I was amazed at the different places and even the reasons which showed an insight of the person making the entry.

This was mine Tossa de Mar on the Costa Brava.

This was from Amy.

From Susy aka Mrs Rudy

Genevieve aka Snowgoose

Don't you love the Panda, this one is from Emma.

Amazing entry from Debbie.

Can you believe this fabulous place is on our doorstep, this entry is from Catherine aka Elysian Angel.

Now I can relate to Maxine having been to Florida on more than one occasion.
I think my husband need lesson from Toni's other half.
Beautiful scene of Mexico from Elizabeth.
I shall treasure this book for always.

My Entries

These are my entries for the above CJ. The one above is for Home Sweet Home, I was really pleased how it turned out, sometimes you have an idea and it just doesn't work out.

This one was for Smile its a beautiful world, I used photos out of my own garden and of the two pubs we go too.

My favourite place, I had already used Tossa de Mar so what would be the next place that I couldn't live with out, that would be my craft room. The pictures were taken when it was tidy a rare thing.

I really struggled with an idea for this Love and Hate CJ and even when I got the idea it still was a problem to get the circles central. The Papers are Crate papers.

This CJ was the one that probably worried me the most All Things Gothic, in the end I decided that it was certain colours that together made you think Gothic, so I used Black (obviously) with the red, purple and a touch of gold. The teardrops are glossy aceents I thought they looked like blood and I found the shaped wings on google and used the shaped for a template. The pics I found online too, DD was impressed with these pages.

I had to show my Gothic angel tag.

I'm not sure you would call all the stash and stamps that I buy and in the case of stamps which I have a lot that I've not used a Collection. I do have a few bits of Nao that I've collected the last few years but even that is now quite expensive. I've used my favourite BG Lily kate.

I mean't to show the front cover of this Chocolate recipe CJ cos its truly amazing, it looks just like a chocolate bar. I don't actually cook much these days, but in the days I did I often made various flavours of small fairy cakes, today we call them cupcakes. I asked my sis to make some using my recipe so I could photo them but she declined, you just can't get the help these days, so I borrowed the cocoa powder out of her larder and photo that instead.

Almost everyone I had chosen their children or family for this Special Moments CJ, these two are my Special Moments and between them have filled my life with numerous special moments and rather than making it too soppy which isn't my style, I've added a touch of humour.

When I received the Nursery Rhymes CJ it was like OMG what on earth can I do in keeping with the absolutely wonderful pages that had been done. I had to show my Sis and Nikki both thought it was wonderful and glad it was me and not them that had to complete it. With the help on Sis and the fact she could recite far too many nursery rhymes. I decide on See Saw because one I could have a moving part and I could use my cute Whiff of Joy stamps, ( didn't use Magnolias cos they have no mouths and could be scary). The patterned paper is BG.
I have throughly enjoyed the challenge each month, so much so I've joined another CJ this time Music and Lyrics is the theme and I've choosen Remember the 70s.>